Sunday, December 16, 2012

NOS Energy - No Nonsense

This is a very interesting commercial for NOS Energy Drink. I had not heard of this drink before but this commercial certainly caught my eye. So much so that as soon as I saw it, I thought to repost it here. Caution, slight violence. I love commercials that tell a story. The simple way that this one sets up catches your attention quickly. It easily conveys that this energy drink has none of the fluff and puffery of other energy drinks. The target market for energy drinks closely mirrors the market of MMA fighting as well, which makes this commercial a good fit. Very well done!

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Old Spice

The above Old Spice commercial is one of the most popular videos on YouTube with over 43 million views at the time of this posting.  Isaiah Mustafa, also known as the old spice man, enjoyed great success in his role as the cooly urban and appetizing smell good salesman.  It was an interesting strategy, to market body wash not to the intended user, but to the their spouse or significant other.  Overall, it was a great decision.  The majority of household purchases, including soaps, body washes, and deodorants are made by women.  So while they many not be the user of the product, women are indeed the target market that old spice needed to look at.

Before this marketing re-invention, the 74 year old Old Spice brand was largely considered to be for an older generation.  It lacked any modern polish and seemed out-dated.  It is amazing what a single advertising campaign can do for a brand.