Friday, August 29, 2008

Bus Stop Beauties

About a month ago, I made a post about Habitat-centric advertising. It's a style of advertising that I define as creative ads that interact with their environment to stand out in the mind of the consumer. In this post I would like to highlight a few HC ads that work with busses. Busses provide a space for advertising that is mobile. This increases the reach the advertisement could have.

The advertisement above is one of the classic examples of Habitat-centric advertising on a bus. The wheels of the bus make great eyes. The one downside of this use of the wheels is that a large portion of the bus needs to be visible for the whole ad to work. Busses are often in heavy traffic, where a part of the view would be obscured.

This advertisement also uses the wheels of a bus, but a much smaller portion of the buss is used. The wheel becomes the lens of a camera.

This advertisement is probably my favorite for using the outside of a bus creatively. It is an anti-smoking advertisement, built around the tailpipe of the bus. It works best during the winter months, where the air coming out of the tailpipe of the bus would warmer than the outside air, causing it to "smoke". (Hopefully the bus is not putting out enough real smoke for it to work year round).

This final advertisment works great with the handhold on the inside of the bus. Judging by the plane in the background, it was used in a ground transportation bus at an airport. This advertisement for the "Big Pilot's Watch" is a great fit with its environment.

All of these advertisements are creative uses for what is a functional daily item.

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