Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mile High Advertising

If you flew during this Labor Day weekend, you may have seen a SkyMedia advertisement. The New York based Brand Connections (of which SkyMedia is a subsidiary) has an exclusive license for selling ads on the tops of tray tables. It is truly an ingenious concept. The tops are laminated, for longevity and can still allow space for the in flight beverage holder. According to SkyMedia's website 98% of airline passengers were exposed to the message while 92% of those who used their tray table recalled the advertisement! The company also limits the ads to one advertiser per flight, though I'm sure they charge a premium for the privilege. Where else do you have an audience that is captive for hours at a time?
Fedex, Tylenol, Ford, GM and yes, even Pepto-Bismol have taken their ads to the sky (Just to name a few). I applaud the folks at Brand Connections for reaching high.

Thanks to Search Marketing Communications for the heads up.

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