Friday, October 23, 2009

The Death of Online Advertising?

How many times a day do you look at an online ad and really consider the product? Today I saw an advertisement that promised to get me ripped muscles in only 30 days. Nevermind that the before and after pictures were two completely different men with the same tattoos painted on. Online advertising, for the most part, sucks. Ads are often irrelevant and many times annoying and interfere with your enjoyment of the website.

Scott Brinker over at Chief Marketing Technologist, posted a great article on Wednesday about the Death of Online Advertising, or maybe, the death of the internet itself. He makes three points:

1. Most people claim to dislike advertising on the web...
2. Some gurus claim that social media marketing will supersede
3. Almost all of the social media platforms are advertising

Read all of Scott's article here. There is a big push towards social media platforms and building a relationship with your customer. Relationships are very important and social media platforms are another tool in the marketers arsenal. But they are only one tool of many in the toolbox. I'm a big supporter of using your advertisements to help build your brand. TARGET your online advertisements to specific websites where they will be relevant. DESIGN them with the customer in mind. ADD VALUE to the site and your relationship with the customer. If your online ads aren't doing this, your company is better off skipping the online ads.

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