Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dove - Campaign for Real Beauty

I could not believe that I had not featured this advertising campaign before. In my opinion it has been one of the greatest campaigns I have had the pleasure of seeing evolve. The Dove campaign for real beauty centers around how the fashion and beauty industries have been skewing our perception of what beauty is through their advertisements.

This original Evolution ad was a big hit because it strikes at a truth we all know. Unless you have been far removed from technology, most people know that models in advertisements have been photoshopped. But this ad showcases the extent that it is being taken to. Dove has capitalized on this great advertisement and has expanded the campaign.

I find this campaign very refreshing and it really sets Dove apart from the rest of the "beauty brands." Instead of trying to convince us that if we use their product we're instantly going to become as beautiful as the model, Dove is more saying, "If you use our products, we'll help you look the best that you can." Might have seemed like a risky strategy, but I feel that it pays off with big returns.

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