Friday, November 13, 2009

ATT - Lost Puppy

At the time of this posting, this advertisement is currently running and I probably see it three or four times per day. While saturating the market is one advertising strategy, does your advertising tell a story as well as this one? This adorable vignette is great at publicizing that ATT phones are fast, and it's a very memorable commercial because it tells a story.

Such a cute dog! Aside from the awww factor, this commercial in only thirty seconds manages to tell a story. In order for a story to work in a commercial, it has to be relateable to the product. I feel ATT was on target with this spot just like Camlin Permanent Markers.

This commercial also stars recent North Carolina Tar Heels grad Tyler Hansbrough. This is the first advertisement I have personally seen him in. He was drafted by the Indiana Pacers (a NBA team).

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