Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brawny Man!

There has been a lot of talk about viral marketing lately. Here's one business that I think is doing it right, Brawny! It's an unusual concept, but they've created a show where the Brawny Man teaches 8 men how to be men, and good husbands. What I like about the show is that they offer all the options an internet savvy person could want. You can add it to your rss feed, you can have them email you updates, high and low bandwidth viewing, and even send to a friend.


There are a few things that I would add though. Perhaps a blog, posted by the brawny man, and a place for watchers to converse.

Here's some other fun things they have on their www.brawnyman.com website.

Brawny Man Fun Facts

He's not over the hill yet: the Brawny Man™ turns the big 3-0 October 2, 2004.
He's still a hit with the ladies: in 2002, more than 30,000 women logged on to www.brawnyman.com to create a virtual Brawny Man. That same year more than 4,000 women nominated someone they thought to be a real-life Brawny Man in the brand's "Do You Know a Brawny Man?"™ contest.
He owns more than one shirt: While most people associate the Brawny man with his red plaid shirt, he has, in fact, worn six different shirts ranging from purple plaid to blue denim.
He knows what looks good on him: Okay, he's worn different shirts, but in the end he went back to the tried and true red plaid shirt.
He never had an ax to grind: This lumberjack may have looked like he was carrying an ax in the 1970s but, in fact, he carried a peavey, a wooden lever used by lumbermen to handle logs.
He's had hair issues: The original Brawny Man underwent two makeunders during his nearly thirty year tenure. The first, in 1984, was a slight haircut; the second was a side part in 1991.
He's a fan of NASCAR: Involvement of the Brawny Man with the sport dates back to 2001 when the brand first sponsored a car. Since then, the Brawny Man has been prominently featured on car #45.
He doesn't mind sharing the spotlight: In nearly thirty years of service the Brawny Man has happily stepped aside twice, allowing other deserving men to appear on the packaging. The first was NASCAR superstar Richard Petty who appeared on the "Petty Pack," a commemorative pack of paper towels in 2002.

The second was Mario Cantacessi, a Los Angeles County firefighter who won the "Do You Know a Brawny Man?" contest and appeared on the packaging in 2003.
He's as strong as he is sensitive: 40 percent of women who created their "virtual Brawny Man" online in 2002 say their ideal Brawny Man spends his free time helping around the house.

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