Monday, June 23, 2008


This video is an example of commercials designed by CommonCraft in a style called paperworks. This style of advertisements uses a whiteboard and hand drawings combined with a lightweight fishing line and HEAPS of creativity. CommonCraft is on the forefront of this style and has been commisioned to do commercials for Google Mobile Maps, HR Block, March of Dimes, Boeing and many more.

Visit the CommonCraft store for a look at some of their newest work. Instead of commercials they are now designing educational products for classroom use.

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Dano MacNamarrah said...

Hey, I love what you're doing! I'm a visual artist who has done Voice-Over work and participated in product focus groups.
The ad was excellent on a few levels. It has a couple of different ways the viewer can gather the information; visually in a clear, concise manner and verbally in a "having a chat with my friends" way. Plus whilst the ad was quite a long spot, the styling of the presentation was interesting enough to keep you engaged. Bob Dylan's cue cards have been brought into this century!
Keep up the good work,