Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jeep Liberty Advergame

Are Advergames effective? I haven't seen a recent study, but I suspect they aren't a bad investment; however, I think the most effective ones are probably more related to the product than the newest Jeep Liberty Advergame named Boostin' Nuts. This Facebook Application is a simple game to play, but doesn't seem to have much to do with the car it is promoting.

In this game you play a robber-like squirrel who bounces from acorn to acorn. Avoid the toxic ones,which resemble poison bottles and will take away points from your score. Aim for the gold and silver acorns for a special bonus. There happens to be a jeep liberty parked under your tree that will break your fall if you should miss the acorns. It is the only tie in for the game to the car: "If you fall, have no fear — the Jeep® Liberty’s massive Sky Slider™ Roof is wide open." Though I would think all of those acorns would be a bit prickly to land on. Thanks to Water Cooler Games for the heads up.

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