Friday, September 5, 2008


Cities are busy, vibrant places. They are also cluttered with advertisements on nearly every surface. These ads work great with the citiscapes around them!

The advertisement on the right is great because it took cooperation between two large brands, and both of the ads benefited from it!

Neither of these billboards is spectacular on their own. The light blue colors and the collection of advertisements around them detract from them. The addition of one long tube makes all the difference on whether they get noticed or fade into the background.

I'm really disappointed that ATT decided to drop the Cingular brand. Some of their best advertisments were built around the obnoxiously bright orange and the X shaped little man. This advertisement stands out from its background due to the color first and then because a large portion of it is laying on the ground. The picture of the lady standing beside the calls portion really shows how large the advertisement was to begin with.

This final advertisement is built around a subway entrance. It stands out from its environment, but I'm not sure that ad does much for the mini-cooper. It is still a creative use despite making the car seem a bit like the clown car in the circus.

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